Who Are We

"Comfort, yes, comfort My people!"

Isaiah 40:1

In 1981, Lilly and Torvald Tånsberg founded Beit Scandinavia. Since then, the place has been a Scandinavian home in Israel. Beit Scandinavia facilitates contact, knowledge, and love between the Israeli community and thousands of Norwegians. We aim to be a contact center between Norwegians, Scandinavians, and Israelis, countering prejudices, imparting knowledge, and being a true friend to the Jewish people.


Regular Features

  • Shabbat celebration on Friday evening
  • Coffee gatherings with local Israeli friends on Saturday evening
  • Theme nights one day a week when possible 


April 2024:

We remind you that we have had long and challenging years with the pandemic. A brief break with fairly normal operation, and then straight into war from October 7. Without a bomb shelter, we unfortunately, for the time being, have had to shut the house for booking guests. Only a few, well-known and good friends, have been allowed to use the house. Nevertheless, we have faith and courage and pray for good times with great activity and new friendships between Norwegians, Scandinavians, and Israelis.

Am Israel Chai


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